What does activated carbon remove from water?

In the advanced treatment of domestic drinking water and industrial wastewater recycling projects, we often encounter problems such as how to simply, effectively and economically remove heavy metal ions, organic and inorganic pollutants in the raw water, and reduce the COD and peculiar smell.

Activated carbon is one of the adsorbents widely used in water treatment adsorption method. It is a specially treated carbon with numerous small pores and huge surface area. The surface area of activated carbon per gram is 500 to 1500 square meters. Activated carbon has strong physical and chemical adsorption functions. Activated carbon can combine with a variety of chemical substances so as to reach purifiaction function.

Coconut shell activated carbon

What can activated carbon remove and reduce from water?

Activated carbon can effectively reduce hundreds of substances in tap water, including pollutants and other chemicals.

Activated carbon to treat COD in wastewater

-Activated carbon has a strong adsorption effect on organic matter with a relative molecular mass of less than 3000, especially 500-1000. Among the various advanced treatment technologies for improving the effect of water quality, activated carbon adsorption is one of the most mature and effective methods to improve conventional treatment processes to remove organic pollutants in water, and activated carbon is highly adaptable to the changes in water volume, water quality, and water temperature during usage.

Activated carbon for pesticide wastewater treatment

-During the pesticide production process, a large amount of wastewater is discharged. The pesticide wastewater has a high concentration of organic matter, high toxicity, and complex composition of the wastewater. Activated carbon can effectively adsorb pesticide wastewater.

Activated carbon for pesticide wastewater treatment

Activated carbon for dye wastewater treatment

-The development of the textile industry has led to the development of dye production. The composition of dye wastewater is complex, the water quality changes greatly, the color is deep, the concentration is large, and the purification treatment is difficult. The chroma in the water affects the photosynthesis of aquatic plants, thereby destroying the ecological balance in the water. The huge specific surface area of activated carbon enables it to effectively remove the chromaticity of wastewater. In addition, it is easier to regenerate activated carbon after adsorbing dyes.

Activated carbon treatment of phenol-containing wastewater

-Phenolic wastewater is widely sourced from petrochemical plants, plastic plants, synthetic fiber plants, coking plants, textile plants, nitrogen plants and oil refineries. Activated carbon has good adsorption performance for phenol and can successfully treat phenol-containing wastewater.

Activated carbon for cyanide-containing wastewater

-Some chemical industries discharge cyanide-containing wastewater, such as electroplating industry, coking industry, blast furnace gas washing, gold and silver ore beneficiation and other industries. Cyanide is a highly toxic substance that is extremely harmful to humans and fish. Activated carbon has a large specific surface area, so it has a good adsorption treatment effect on cyanide-containing wastewater.

Activated carbon adsorption of Cr(VI)

-In the electroplating industry, a large amount of electroplating wastewater has serious harm to the human environment. The chromium-containing electroplating wastewater contains a large content of Cr(VI). If it is discharged directly without any treatment, it will seriously pollute the environment on which humans depend. Activated carbon has a very developed microporous structure and higher specific surface area. It has a strong physical adsorption capacity and can effectively adsorb Cr(VI) in wastewater.

Activated carbon for mercury-containing wastewater

-Activated carbon has the performance of adsorbing mercury and mercury-containing compounds, and is suitable for treating wastewater with low mercury content.

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