Zhulincarbon adheres to strict quality standards in all stages of its production process and finished product inspection. For this reason, strict quality control procedures are adopted throughout the entire process from the selection of raw materials to the final quality assurance before the finished product is shipped. Process control strictly in accordance with customer requirements can ensure that the carbon produced meets the requirements.

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Raw material management

Our craving for uncompromising quality starts at the selection of raw material itself. Charcoal is sourced from selected outlets after rigorous quality inspections. Careful control of the activation process in the presence of a stringently controlled flow of steam allows the carbon specifications to be readily altered to suit a wide range of specific requirements.

Quality control procedure

We have a thorough quality control system, professional staff, every step is under strict inspection. During the production process, every working procedure world influences the product quality, thus each working procedure should sustaining testing on our production lines. We always give priority to the quality of production and processing of each process excellence and strive to do our best.

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inspection of the finished product 1 1 1

Finished products and detection

The product will go through the sorting procedure in the quality detection department, which guarantees the ex-factory product pass rate can reach100%.

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