Honeycomb activated carbon

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Honeycomb activated carbon is made of high-quality coal activated carbon (or coconut shell activated carbon powder) as raw materials, pressed by bee molds, and activated at high temperature. It can be widely used in various gas purification equipment and waste gas treatment projects, and is especially suitable for purifying large flow and low concentration organic waste gas.
honeycomb activated carbon

Features and advantages

  • Low wind speed resistance, good purification effect
  • Lower equipment energy consumption and low operating costs
  • High benzene adsorption capacity

The main purpose

  • Used for gas purification, suitable for indoor air purification, catering oil fume exhaust gas treatment.
  • Used for gas phase adsorption, such as adsorption and recovery of organic solvents such as benzene, toluene, oil and gas.
  • Air purification and deodorization of paint industry, underground places, leather factories, animal breeding places.
  • The odor adsorption of flue gas, sulfide adsorption, removal of mercury vapor.
  • As a catalyst carrier.

Remarks: We can provide customized services as required by customers, such as size specifications, raw materials, impregnation, etc.
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