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We are the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of coal activated carbon from China. With our experience in activated carbon production and technology and China’s abundant raw material resources, we provide  high-quality activated carbon at competitive prices.

We can provide three types of coal based activated carbon ( granular, pellet and powder type).

Extruded Coal Based Carbon Φ0.9mm, Φ2mm, Φ3mm, Φ4mm, Φ6mm, Φ8mm
Granular Coal Based Carbon(mesh) 4×8, 4×10, 8×16, 8×30, 12×40, 30×60, 40×80
Powdered Coal Based Carbon(mesh) 100, 200, 325

Coal activated carbon can effectively absorb organic matter and free chlorine in the water, and harmful gas in the air, which has been regarded the most cost effective absorbent.

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