Pellet Activated Carbon for Gold Recovery

Coal-based columnar activated carbon is made of coal powder raw materials and binders through kneading, extrusion molding, carbonization, and activation. With high hardness and surface, it can be used for gold recovery, which has a good effect and reduces the damage rate for heap leaching.

Raw material



Φ1.5mm, Φ2mm


25kg pp bag, 500kg/600kg big bag, Custom packaging


60% (min)




Product information

Coal-based pellet carbon is mostly used to recover gold and silver from heap leach solutions which are often high in solids content. The conditions of CIP and CIL circuits are such that hardness and gold adsorbability are equally important, i.e. a good activated carbon for gold recovery is a compromise between hardness and gold adsorption properties.

Main specifications

The essence of the CIP / CIL process is that the gold is leached from the fine ore particles in the pulp and adsorbed onto the larger carbon particles and then recovered from the carbon particles in solids-free solution after the carbon has been simply screened out of the pulp. The carbon particles cannot be too large due to:
– Gold adsorption kinetics is related to a particle size of the carbon.
– Availability of size of carbon material.
The size of the carbon is a compromise of ease of screening and carbon size. Zhulin pellet activated carbon is very suitable for gold recovery process.

Coal Activated carbon pellets for gold recovery is one of our advantage products.
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