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4mm activated carbon pellets - Zhulin Activated Carbon Corp

4mm activated carbon pellets is the most commonly used specification and can be used to produce impregnated activated carbon. It is often used for biogas desulfurization, siloxane, VOC removal, gas purification, etc.

Raw material



25kg pp bag, 500kg/600kg big bag, Custom packaging



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Product information

Our 4mm pellet activated carbon is made of high-quality Taixi coal raw materials through crushing, carbonization, activation and refining. It has the characteristics of large specific surface area, developed pore structure, strong adsorption capacity, uniform particle distribution, and high wear resistance.

Main purposes

  • Air purification,used for filtration of air.
  • Sewage treatment, effectively purifying domestic sewage, industrial sewage, etc.
  • Desulfurization and denitrification, mainly used for the removal of H2S in various gases such as biogas, coke oven gas, natural gas, coal gas, synthetic ammonia process gas, and chemical raw material gas.
  • Solvent recovery, suitable for the recovery of organic solvents such as benzene, ether, xylene, gasoline, chloroform, and carbon tetrachloride.
  • Catalyst carrier
  • Gasoline recycling

Activated carbon pellets is one of our advantage products.
If you need to buy this product, please contact our experts for detailed information.

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We will reply to you within one working day.Please fill out the form below,or you can choose to send an email:  sales@zhulincarbon.com

Ask a quick quote

We will reply to you within one working day.Please fill out the form below,
or you can choose to send an email sales@zhulincarbon.com
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