12*40mesh activated carbon

With different raw materials, 12*40mesh activated carbon is widely used for water treatment and food decolorization.

Raw material

anthracite coal, bituminous coal






25kg pp bag, Custom packaging

Product information

1240 Granular Activated Carbon(GAC) is high activity granular carbon manufactured from selected grades of bituminous coal or anthracite coal and activated under rigidly controlled conditions by high-temperature steam activation. This type of activated carbon can be acid washed to provide low ash content and chemical stability, while remaining PH neutral.

Main purposes

  1. 1240 granular activated carbon has been demonstrated to provide superior performance in an extensive array of liquid phase treatment applications. And it is suitable for drinking water and food-grade applications.
  2.  one of the most effective substances for the removal of non-sucrose impurities and decolorization – both of which are critical to the production of white sugar. In addition to changing the sugar’s visible appearance, decolorization helps remove unwanted odors and tastes. It is an essential step in creating the type of stable, storable, and high-quality sugar found in mass-produced food and beverage products.
  • Water treatment 
  • Removal of organic contaminants
  • Sugar decolorization
  • Amine purification 
  • Glycol purification

12*40mesh activated carbon is one of our advantage products.
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or you can choose to send an email sales@zhulincarbon.com