Zhulin Carbon attends for Aqua Tech China 2020

Aqua Tech China 2020 1

Since COVID-19 occurs, all the exhibitions has been delayed, including Aqua Tech China 2020. In April 2020, China gradually has come back to the normal life and work. Until now, all the entertainment locations has permitted to open. And Aqua Tech China 2020 has opened from On 31, August to on 2, September, our exhibition booth is No.: 8.1H 158.

Because of the virus, there is a lot of regulations to ensure the safety. And we made a lot of preparation works for this exhibition. Though abroad clients can not fly to attend it, we have accumulated some domestic clients, which also bring some effect for the home market.

Zhulin Carbon has been in the activated carbon industry for 20 years experience. Pellet, granular & powder activated carbon is our main products, which is widely used for air purification and water treatment. As the China government has the strict control to the environment, more and more chemical factories purchase activated carbon to meet the standard gas emission.

On the exhibition, some of our old clients come to visit us and talk more orders. We have owned reputation in the home market.


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