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face mask

Gas mask is the most important personal protection. It is not only used in the military, but also in industry. Military personal protection has strong adsorption and filtration effects, in which impregnated activated carbon plays an important role. Industrial gas masks use specialized activated carbon or impregnated activated carbon.

Zhulin carbon has served many factories for this situation. For example, dealing with the organic solvent vapor in the factory, the common activated carbon can work; for the acid gas, the activated carbon is impregnated with alkali; the activated carbon is impregnated with potassium bicarbonate to deal with sulfur dioxide;  for mercury vapor, activated carbon is impregnated with iodine.

Especially of HCN gas, zhulin can provide impregnated special activated carbon for personal protection.

impregnated activated carbon

Personal protection is mainly divided into three parts: face mask, breathing tube, and canister. Canister includes the active carbon layer, chemical adsorption layer, and smoke filter layer. The activated carbon layer is mainly used to adsorb poisonous gas. Because activated carbon has a huge surface area and strong adsorption capacity, it can be used in gas masks.

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