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The application of activated carbon in the food industry is numerous. Activated carbon can be mainly used for deodorization of food and beverages and drinking water, removal of heavy metals in water, dechlorination and liquid decolorization.

Zhulin food-grade activated carbon for beverages and food is very popular in the market. We can provide safe and economical solutions for clients’ need.

Before crystallizing into granular refined sugar, it can use powdered activated carbon(PAC) and granular activated carbon(GAC) for decolorization. Activated carbon can absorb plant pigments from sugarcane, as well as colors produced during production (such as melanin and caramel). In addition, It can remove some non-pigment impurities, such as amino acids and polysaccharides.

Zhulin Activated carbon is widely used for syrup decolorization. Our products is certified with NSF, Halal, Kosher to meet clients’ quality requirement.sugar refining

Alcohol, beer, liquor, whiskey, rum and vodka are decolorized with activated carbon, which will improve the turbidity during the aging process, and remove some substances that affect the quality of the wine, such as higher alcohols. Zhulin activated carbon can remove mycomycin and Aspergillus toxin A in wine to comply with relevant regulations.

There are many benefits that activated carbon can accomplish for beer and wine. More specifically, zhulin activated carbon filtration can improve the taste and odor for beer and wine’s color, hue and purification

Filtration is a key unit operation in the production of clarified juices such as apple, grape and cranberry. From clarification to final, filtration helps to ensure shelf stable, quality product for brand protection.

Our activated carbon products are used to improve the quality of beverages ranging from water to fruit juices to distilled liquor so that beverages look good, smell good and taste good.fuit juice

Granular & powdered activated carbon can be used for decolorization and purification of starch-based sweeteners (such as glucose, leucose, dextrose and maltose). In the starch treatment process, powder & granular activated carbon is required for a series of process, such as the decolorization of left-hand sugar and the refining of syrup.

It is used to remove the flavor in corn starch-based sugar. Granular activated carbon is generally used in large-scale production, and the consumed one can be regenerated at high temperature. Powdered activated carbon can use countercurrent technology to reduce production costs. High-purity powdered activated carbon is generally used in the refining stage of products to meet the strict requirements of soft drinks.starch sugar

Powdered activated carbon can purify lactose to obtain pure white crystals to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. The raw material for the production of edible lactose is generally 6.5% dry matter whey. After clarification and concentration, it can reach a total dry matter of about 55-65%. After cooling, most part of the crystals are lactose monohydrate.

The purpose of activated carbon at this stage is to remove riboflavin (vitamin B2, yellow materials), residual protein and some explanation products.lactose

Powder & granular activated carbon are used to purify natural glycerin, which comes from edible oil, fat or the high-pressure cracking of biodiesel. Refined glycerin is used as a food additive to prevent the cracking of food, or to prevent the phase change of food due to cracking. This feature improves the softness of food and the chewiness of confectionery. Zhulin activated carbon is used to remove organic impurities from glycerin, such as colored substances and some substances that cause peculiar smell.natural glycerin

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