Biogas Purification


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Biogas desulfurization is a process that uses biological methods to remove the corrosive and toxic hydrogen sulfide gas in biogas. This process has the advantages of high automation, simple flow, and low operating cost.

Zhulin provide impregnated activated carbon, which is widely used for biogas purification and has received good feedback from our clients.

Biogas usually comes from the anaerobic treatment of sewage, manure, straw fermentation, oil and natural gas, etc. The purified biogas can be used as a clean energy source to replace natural gas and coal for power generation, heating, steam production, etc. The biogas can be used as resources after absorption and purification, which not only realizes energy saving and emission reduction, but also saves the production cost of enterprises.

biogas purification

The biogas produced by anaerobic fermentation enters the scrubbing tower and absorbs and reacts with the alkaline circulating spray liquid to remove hydrogen sulfide in the biogas. The rich liquid that absorbs hydrogen sulfide is returned to the bioreactor. Through biotransformation, the hydrogen sulfide is converted into solid elemental sulfur, and the solution is regenerated into an alkaline absorption liquid (also known as a lean liquid) that can be used for scrubbing biogas.

Desulfurization process of the chemical reaction :

Regeneration process of chemical reaction:

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