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Environmental protection is considered extremely important is our daily life. VOCs, typically from industrial processes such as chemical/pharmaceutical production, petrochemical tank venting, spray booths and soil remediation projects, include compounds such as acetone, benzene, styrene, toluene and xylene.

Zhulin activated carbon provides a variety of activated carbon types to help our clients to solve any air working conditions to meet the emission standards.

Industrial gas is very harmful for both human health and environment, even at very low concentrations.

Among these pollutants, benzene and toluene are of special relevance since both are toxic and commonly found in emissions from most of industrial processes. Activated carbon (AC) is commonly employed as an adsorbent for treatment of gases and vapors because of its developed surface area and large pore volumes.

Zhulin activated carbon offers different types of activated carbon for this application, combing excellent removal efficiencies with long lifetimes.Industrial gas

Dioxins in the smoke of household waste incineration have been a common concern of countries all over the world in recent years. Dioxins-like highly toxic substances cause great harm to the environment.

Effectively controlling the generation and spread of dioxin-like substances is directly related to the promotion and application of waste incineration and waste-to-energy technology.

Zhulin powdered activated carbon is the best cost effective way, which enable high removal efficiency for such industry.Flue gas from waste incineration

Solvent recovery is a form of waste reduction. In–process solvent recovery is widely used as an alternative to solvent replacement to reduce waste generation. These adsorption plants clean the exhaust air while simultaneously recovering the solvents contained in the process air stream. In this way, non-flammable solvents can either be disposed of or recycled.solvent recovery

Activated carbon for cigarette filter is well recognized in the world. It can effectively remove vapor phase smoke toxicants as well as in also bringing reduction in particulate smoke yield.

Zhulin activated carbon can supply suitable activated carbon to cigarette filter industry.cigarette filter

Activated carbon for automobiles is developed by zhulin activated carbon manufacturers for harmful gases inside automobiles, which can effectively adsorb harmful gases in automobiles. Highly mesoporous activated carbon with large surface area and super adsorption capacity can strongly absorb harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC and other organic compounds in the car to achieve the purpose of purifying the air.

Zhulin Activated Carbon offers products used in the automotive industry for evaporative emission control. Special, highly mesoporous activated carbon is used in canisters mounted within the vehicle to adsorb fuel emissions when the vehicle is turned off and to recover fuel when the vehicle is restarted. Zhulin activated carbon with very high surface area is used for cabin air filters to adsorb many odors and chemicals in order to maintain a healthy atmosphere within the vehicle.Automotive

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