Activated carbon for cigarette filters

Activated carbon can filter toxic compounds with smaller molecules, remove unpleasant odors, and does not destroy the original flavor of cigarettes.

Activated carbon is a universal adsorbent commonly used, for example, for water treatment and removal of harmful gases and vapors, gold recovery, food industry, etc. Activated carbon can also be used on cigarette filters. It can be incorporated into cigarette filters in many ways. The main mechanism of activated carbon to reduce cigarette smoke is physical adsorption. The micropores of activated carbon are very effective for adsorbing small organic molecules in smoke. These, coupled with wider mesopores (transport), can provide good adsorption kinetics.

If you want to know the details and parameters of activated carbon, please consult us. Our activated carbon company has its own R&D laboratory and R&D personnel who can provide you with technical support.

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